*Free Inspection

Aircon not cold or water leaking? Need help to solve the problem?

*Free inspection is valid only for purchasing customers. A transportation charge of $20-30 applies for non purchasing customers.

Key Benefits

  1. Detection of any abnormal function
  2. Pro-long the life span of the equipment
  3. Cleaner air to breathe in
  4. Save on energy costs

Why us

  1. FREE & no obligation after checking
  2. Skilled technician (Specialized in repair, service and installation)
  3. Parts and labour warranty ( on all works done)
  4. Fast and prompt response
  5. Our servicing uses a germicidal detergent and deodorant that is effective in controlling bacteria that cause respiratory infection. Also effective against molds that cause rusty, unpleasant odors.

Chemical Services – $40

If your air conditioner has been working for years without proper maintenance, then its time for you to sent for a chemical wash.

What do you get for Chemical Service

  1. Chemical cleaning of evaporator coil
  2. Cleaning of condenser coil
  3. Cleaning of condensate drain pan
  4. Cleaning of condensate water drainage system
  5. Cleaning of blower wheel and blade
  6. Checking of all electrical component
  7. Checking of all setting
  8. Lubricating of all moving parts
  9. Re-installation of evaporator unit
  10. Checking of refrigerant system

Overhaul (9000 to 12000 BTU) – $150

Top Up Gas (R22) – $20 -$80

410A For Inverter – $80 – $150

Install New/Used Aircon
We also provide installation for new or used aircon. Do call us for quotation.

Buy/Sell New or Used Aircon
If you are planning to change your aircon, we also buy your old or new aircon.